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Swollen prostate

Wednesday the 26th of August, 2009

I suffer from an enlarged prostate gland - technical term Benign prostatic hyperplasia (Link is to a Wikipedia article). It's a symptom of age - I'm 67!

A visit to the doctor resulted in a blood test. No, I didn't have any sign of carcinoma, but I did have poor LDL/HDL cholesterol balance and signs of reduced kidney function. Not a word of sensible advice about the prostate trouble other than "stick it as long as you can, then we'll do something.".

The doctor suggested I go in Statins - but I don't like medication so resisted and easily changed my diet to correct the LDL/HDL balance.

I had noticed that the urine flow rate was variable: I could not relate this variability to anything physical, so I wondered whether it was diet related and started searching the www.

Now although there is a lot of useful fact on the internet there is also much fiction: it is easy to find, on the www, information to justify any myth you happen to believe. But after much sifting, it seems that there is good evidence that Β-Sitosterol has useful effects on hyperplasia.

Β-Sitosterol (Beta-sitosterol) (Link is to a Wikipedia article) is a plant sterol (phytosterol) similar to Cholesterol, which is found in many plants. It's said to be particularly abundant in pumpkin seeds and peanuts - both of which are good snack foods and are readily available at reasonable price.

So I started eating pumpkin seeds and peanuts (not an arduous medication, both can be rather moreish!) and found the urine flow improved. It deteriorated again a few days after I stopped eating them. I can't say which is more effective, as I was snacking both (we were on holiday).
Friday the 4th of September, 2009. On holiday I had finished the peanuts, had pumpkin seeds only... They apparently do not work for me! Now to try peanuts on their own.

So now I'm investigating how much of these I need per day and what other foods may be good. Cashew nuts are said to be good, but first, I'm eating coconut flesh to see if that works. If it does it will be excellent news as coconut oil is almost certainly the most healthy of all oils and fats.

Foods I (and others) have tried include

If you find this page useful, please let me know - I'm curious to know if this works for others as it does for me and what dosage is needed.

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