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Dental amalgam and mercury poisoning

My father was a dental surgeon so, during my childhood, I had free dental work. Many of the fillings he did were gold inlays. However these don't last indefinitely and as they fell out I gradually had them replaced - with amalgam. Some of the bigger ones have now been replaced by gold crowns. Now my chemistry and physics knowledge I am aware of the low vapour pressure of mercury and it's low chemical reactivity. So I had believed that amalgam fillings were not a problem.

However, about 1993, my hands started aching. It's mostly associated with computer work. I looked at ergonomic mice. None helped. I read up on RSI: it wasn't. so I put up with it. Then went to the doctor, who prescribed some pain-killing rub. No effect. By now I was pretty ambidextrous - swapping hands often on keyboard and mouse.

Then I went to a different doctor. was X-rayed. Some arthritic degeneration in a joint where I felt little pain. That wasn't it.

Then I visited a medical herbalist. She said I was probably suffering from mercury poisoning.

So I started investigating. After much hunting (opinions are freely available on the www - facts are not so forthcoming) I begin to see her point. However it is not clear exactly how concerned one should be, or how far to take action.

These are links to some of the sites that have made me see the point.

Personal conclusions

The conclusion I have come to is that no panic measures are necessary but that one should assist the boy to excrete mercury by taking regular amounts of coriander leaf and by eating also foods that are rich in sulphur. The coriander helps the body excrete through bile, urine and other channels. Mercury in the bile can get reabsorbed but the sulphur in foods containing it can bind to the mercury and reduce reabsorbtion.

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